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Detailing - Ceramic Coating - Paintwork Protection Film

 Revive Wraps are a exclusive vehicle wrapping, vehicle correction & enhancement company with our own studio based in Rugby while serving Warwickshire, Leicestershire and Birmingham. We specialise in restoring vehicles and application of paint correction coatings and Paintwork Protection Film (PPF) protection. The products and equipment we use on our details are industry leading. With our detailing studio being fully secured and set at an optimum temperature and climate, all coatings and products used are cured to their best to give you the optimum results


Benefits of working with Revive Wraps

Our car detailing services will create a stunning, deep glossy finish to your paintwork and the ceramic protection applied will leave your car well protected against the Great British weather. 

  • New Car Protection Detail
  • Full Correction Detail 
  • Gloss Enhancement Detail
  • Paint Protection Film Application
Detail BeadingPPF Application

The Process


Face to Face / Virtual

Choose your Service

Tailor made around you

Time to shine

Detail or PPF application


You're provided with wrap care and warranty documents upon collection of your newly refreshed vehicle.

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